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      1. Apparel Offshore - Apparel Outsourcing Solutions for Businesses Worldwide
        Apparel Offshore Apperal Offshore
        Apparel Offshore Apparel Offshore

        • Designer Lines, Brand Names, Private Labels
        • Men's, Women's, Children's
        • Knits, Wovens


        We offer a full scope of customized services to save your company 20% or more on its production of apparel products. We are headquartered in the Dominican Republic and use a depth of apparel resources available here. From product development and selection of contractors through quality assurance to finishing and packaging for direct shipment to customers, we have the sources to serve you. We have expertise in meeting and exceeding high levels of standards for quality, cost-effectiveness and on-time delivery.

        Our mission is to serve the customer with our network of contacts, sourcing capabilities, industry expertise and international trade experience. We provide a cost-effective alternative to the production of apparel products while achieving service expectations in terms of adherence to design, quality and delivery objectives.

        Our Services

        Full Package Production


        Closeout Sales


        Contact us

        email : Click Here
        Dominican Republic

        ©2007 - Apparel Offshore - Santiago, Dominican Republic.
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